Biosecurity Training & Market Access Simulations

One component of the first phase of the program includes a week-long workshop of lectures, group activities and networking led by Biosecurity and AgriSystems Protection (BSASP). The lecture topics are aligned with information provided by the National Plant Protection Organisations (NPPOs) and development partners and flexible to suit the needs of individual participants. The group activities give participants the opportunity to practice real time critical analysis and negotiation skills while taking part in market access simulations

Tailored Design

During the design phase and in addition to in-country consultations and two regional workshops, a comprehensive literature review was undertaken looking at past, present and planned capacity building work in the Pacific in plant biosecurity. The result being a program that aims to address the gaps, needs and lessons learnt from past programming and support many of the new capacity building initiatives commencing in the Pacific in the next few years.

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Placements in Australian Host Organisations

Each potential participant nominated by Pacific Island Countries' NPPOs writes an application form that outlines the skills and experience of the participant, their current responsibilities in their workplace and their future aspirations. The project team then aligns the participants with a suitable host organisation within Australia to best support the participants development and to address problems faced in their home countries. The aim is two fold in that participants gain new skills and experience, but they also build valuable relationships with professionals and important trading partners. 

Communication Masterclass

One of the most consistent messages received from the consultations during program design was that Pacific Island Countries' NPPO staff typically have the needed skills and experience but their organisations need to be able to influence decision makers more effectively on plant biosecurity matters. Master Classes are the flagship training initiative of the Crawford Fund having delivered more than 50 classes to over 1200 people across 14 countries. The participants will complete a week long workshop to finish the first phase of the program

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